I do not remember a time that my relationship with food was ever normal.



I am a cisgendered gay male in my 40’s. I live and work in Silicon Valley.

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I have a history of binge eating disorder and bulimia nervosa. Eating disorder and food addiction have defined my relationship with food.

My goal is to normalize my relationship with food and find recovery from eating disorders. I manage my eating disorder and my relationship with food by following a food plan.

My journey of recovery from my eating disorder is ongoing. This site documents the information I gathered along my journey of recovery. This includes attempts at recovery that failed. This site is not intended to be a how-to guide or a self-help site. There are many of those, some of which I refer to here. Rather, this site documents my journey from despair to recovery from my eating disorder, sharing my failures and successes along the way.

I have had hundreds of “last binges.”
I do not know if this will be my last or not.
But I have newfound motivation to stop binge eating.





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